Battlefield 1 now the top-rated trailer on YouTube

Less than a week since its reveal, Battlefield 1 now has the best-rated trailer across the whole of YouTube.That statistic covers games, TV shows and movies. After six days, it boasts a colossal view count of 26m, with 1.3m upvotes and 24k down.To

LG integreaz? scanner-ul de amprente direct în display

În ziua de ast?zi majoritatea smartphone-urilor flagship au integrat în butonul de Home un scanner pentru amprente, dar LG a g?sit o solu?ie ?i mai comod? ?i interesant?: integrarea acestui senzor direct în display-ul touch!În acest mod, oriunde ai

Five Nights at Freddy’s is planned for consoles

Cult animatronic horror series Five Nights at Freddy's is planned for consoles, according to developer Scott Cawthon.When asked on Steam about a console release, Cawthon answered: "Actually, yes! It will happen. I'm talking with a few companies who

Everything the Assassin’s Creed movie trailer tells us

The Assassin's Creed movie now has its first trailer, which shows off Michael Fassbender's main character, the film's present day and historical storylines plus a brooding Jeremy Irons.The movie will tell a new story set within the main Assassin's

Fear Effect Sedna’s Kickstarter is now live

UPDATE 12/5/16: After a month-long fundraising campaign, Fear Effect Sedna has finally passed its crowd-backed total.The officially licensed sequel to Fear Effect 2 passed €100k (£79k) goal yesterday - just hours before it is due to finish

Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth – PlayStation Vita

Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth - PlayStation VitaTell Your Own Love Story! - Play to experience your own romantic fairytale! Which of these dashing five will capture your heart and sweep you off your feetHandsome Historical Figures -

Lionhead: The inside story

In October 2008, Microsoft released Lionhead's Fable 2 to critical and commercial acclaim. At a launch party an emotional Peter Molyneux held aloft glowing reviews and praised the exhausted team of developers who had spent the previous four years

Nintendo’s mobile Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games will be free-to-play

This autumn's Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing smartphone games will be free-to-play, Nintendo and DeNA confirmed to the Wall Street Journal today.There's no detail on what either game's in-app purchases will look like. Will Animal Crossing involve a

Trials of the Blood Dragon trademark spotted

The next Trials release will be a mash-up with over-the-top Far Cry spin-off Blood Dragon.That's according to a ratings board listing for "Trials of the Blood Dragon", which has popped up on the Taiwan Game Software Rating Regulations Board (thanks,

Homefront: The Revolution – America Has Fallen Trailer

Deep Silver ?i Dambuster Studios au publicat un nou trailer pentru Homefront: The Revolution, clipul urmând s? fie folosit ?i drept secven?? introductiv? pentru joc. Povestea jocului se va desf??ura într-o realitate alternativ?, în care Coreea de

Nintendo fans can cheer themselves with an excellent Wii U, 3DS Humble Bundle

NX won't be at E3 and the new Zelda won't release until 2017. But, on the upside, you can now get a bunch of cheap 3DS and Wii U games right now via Humble Bundle.Half a dozen indie games are included in the offer, alongside Super Street Fighter 4:

Telltale’s The Walking Dead season three sees return of popular character

The third season of Telltale's The Walking Dead will again include Clementine, creator Robert Kirkman has confirmed.But Kirkman stopped short of confirming Clementine as this season's playable character, as she was in season two."We'll be checking in

Revealed: Dark Souls 3’s special treat for series veterans

Dark Souls 3 has plenty of surprises in store for fans - one of which we've been meaning to cover since its launch. For those who haven't progressed to the game's final third, we'd recommend bailing out on this article for now. It's a great moment

Defense Grid 2 Headlines May’s Freebies on Games with Gold

More free games are on the way for Xbox owners, all thanks to Games with Gold. Four titles were recently announced for the Month of may, including a couple of old classics and a nice co-op strategy game. Got an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One? Got Xbox Live

Nintendo bringing Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem to smartphones next

Nintendo's next smartphone apps will be new Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem games.Both will arrive this autumn and are described as "pure game applications", rather than the more app-like Miitomo.Nintendo's first smartphone app Miitomo now has 10m

Dark Souls 3 review

In an industry built on sequels there are plenty of also-rans - those that fail to move on, those that change too much, and those that can't handle the expectation. Though it would be harsh to call Dark Souls 2 a failure all three of these factors

Windows 10 a devenit cel mai popular sistem de operare al gamerilor de pe Steam

Valve a prezentat rezultatele chestinarului automat Steam Hardware Survey din luna martie, iar cel mai notabil rezultat se refer? la sistemul de operare.Windows 10 a reu?it ceea ce Win 8.1 nu a reu?it: s? îl devanseze pe legendarul Windows 7.

Dark Souls 3 review

Can FromSoftware pull off an incredible, deep RPG experience for the third year in a row? Continue reading… Polygon - All

Quantum Break pre-order offer replaces Alan Wake’s American Nightmare with Kameo

Previously, Microsoft promised a copy of Xbox 360 downloadable game Alan Wake's American Nightmare with pre-orders the upcoming Quantum Break.Now, in many cases, American Nightmare is being replaced by a digital copy of Xbox 360 launch game Kameo:

Destiny’s PlayStation-exclusive content deal is still a thing

Destiny's long-term exclusive content deal with PlayStation isn't just limited to big expansions - the game's April update has stuff just for Sony fans too.We had already heard mention of a PlayStation-exclusive set of quests involving Reef character